Ark 2: Everything we know to date

Ark 2 is now positioned to launch in 2023. While it’s certainly a disgrace to see developer Studio Wildcard added to the long list of video game delays this year, we’re glad to hear that development is progressing nicely. In reality, the studio not too long ago revealed that Ark 2 would feature ‘Souls-like melee combat’, which is certainly a shift for a series long-considered to be among the many best survival games out there.

Studio Wildcard has pushed the Ark 2 release date to 2023. When the game was introduced at The Game Awards in 2020, Microsoft said it would launch in 2022. However seeing as we went two years without an update, and the unprecedented impact the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had on development pipelines, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that Studio Wildcard pushed Ark 2 to 2023. We’re expecting more information on the release window to be clarified soon.

Ark 2 is a console launch exclusive for Xbox Series X. Studio Wildcard announced this partnership with Microsoft Gaming alongside its reveal of the game – it’s a deal which ensures that the only console platform you may be able to play Ark 2 on at launch will be Xbox. Ark can also be coming to PC, just like its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved.

Will Ark 2 come to PS5?

The question of whether Ark 2 will come to PS5 remains unanswered by developer Studio Wildcard, nevertheless it is only listed as a “console launch exclusive” for Xbox Series X. This signifies that Ark 2 will only be on PC and Xbox Series X for an undetermined amount of time, before coming to other platforms – such because the PS5. On condition that ARK: Survival Evolved found success on PS4, it wouldn’t be all that stunning to see this sequel head to PlayStation once its exclusivity window with Xbox expires.

The primary Ark 2 trailer was revealed in 2020, as part of The Game Awards. The Ark 2 reveal trailer was absolutely captured in-engine, though Studio Wildcard has since confirmed that development has moved to Unreal Engine 5. While this reveal trailer doesn’t characteristic any gameplay, it does set the tone of the upcoming sandbox, reveal some famous faces which can be becoming a member of production, and hint at a few of the new features we will anticipate to see when Ark 2 lastly launches.

The Ark 2 trailer that dropped at E3 2022 though is captured in Unreal Engine 5 and looks totally stunning. Though it’s not gameplay, it sets the tone for the game’s storyline, which takes place in a world long after an enormous battle. In fact, in a world filled with dinosaurs, every single day is still a battle, but thankabsolutely Vin Diesel’s character and his daughter are ready with their very own pet T-Rex complete with bone armor.

Studio Wildcard is yet to confirm whether there will be an Ark 2 early access interval, however it is worth noting the developer’s history in this area. When Ark: Survival Advanced first launched in 2015, it did so as a console launch unique in the Xbox Game Preview program. This placement allowed Studio Wildcard to gain “valuable feedback from Xbox One players alongside the way earlier than launching in August 2017(opens in new tab).”

Given that Microsoft Gaming has maintained a detailed relationship with Studio Wildcard. Ark: Survival Advanced was one of many first games to be optimized for both the Xbox One X in 2017 and the Xbox Series X in 2021, and the sandbox survival expertise has remained a constant fixture in the Xbox Game Pass library since 2019. If Ark 2 early access occurs, it’s likely the Xbox Game Preview program will be concerned as soon as again.

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