Get A Hen Coop To Your Small Flock

The Lean-To is a bit of house saver that is very nicely-suited to setting up in opposition to a fence or wall. It’s constructed with the same quality supplies as our different picket chicken coops. Hen coops that have the Lean-To design include a lid that gives you easy access to the complete coop inside for заказать курятник easy cleaning and egg gathering. Pamper your small flock of chickens and save area with yard hen coops such because the Lean-To.

– Retaining chickens can present a daily supply of freshly laid eggs.

– Joyful and wholesome birds equal more and better-quality eggs.

– Chickens can provide pest control and a supply of pure compost.

– Proudly owning hens generally is a type of companionship and stress relief.

– A secure coop will keep chickens safe from predators.

– A coop will provide your hens shelter from the weather.


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Pallet rooster coop for a small variety of hens can be made in a small field form. If there are hens in massive quantity then make huge and having the sloppy roof of the coop. You may make a portion for hens laying eggs. Add wire on two or three sides to present them air and block the cold wind with sacks during winter.