‘Unique Phenomenon’: All 5B Toncoins Mined On PoS TON Blockchain

The top of toncoin mining marks a serious milestone in TON’s distribution, beginning its new period as a completely PoS blockchain. From now on, new toncoins will only enter circulation by way of PoS validation, the TON Basis said. That will result in a reduce in the full inflow of new toncoins into the community by round 75% to the existing restrict of 200,000 tokens per day.

Remember Meteos? The vertical block sliding? The fast, frantic action, and the maddening tick-tock of the clock at the top of your display? The sweeping, dramatic story of taking your alien ship into the guts of madness and bombarding it with pretty squares and blocks? The others do not understand. They couldn’t presumably comprehend the bloody tears you shed for each planet lost along the way in which — each warrior that stood ’til the tip and mumbled one thing heroic in whatever freaky alien language they knew.

Nevertheless in October 2019, only a few days ahead of the discharge date, the SEC stepped in with a lawsuit that accused Telegram of violating U.S. securities legislation by holding an unregistered security sale. As a result of the SEC had managed to get a short lived restraining order towards Telegram and TON, the challenge launch was put on hold. In March, a U.S. court acknowledged that the SEC had “shown a substantial probability of success” in proving that Telegram’s Grams have been unregistered securities.

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