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Americans are drowning in a sea of purple. There are people who had been laid off from jobs, misplaced their health benefits, and cannot afford to pay a disabled daughter’s medical payments. And there are homeowners which have watched the worth of their property drop far under the balance on their mortgage whereas they struggle to make monthly funds.

After all, a common maximum wage is basically only workable if folks, you know, work. However with great social programs and a guaranteed earnings not tied to efficiency, the only individuals who would come to work each day would be those who liked their jobs so much they’d do them totally free. Otherwise, ソフト闇金プレステージの公式サイトへ what’s a superb cause to work? Why not name in sick time and again? Without financial incentive, we might have to find another means to maintain folks in line. Shirkers must be fined, publicly shamed or imprisoned.

Myth vs. ActualityOne delusion concerning the debt ceiling is that it is a test on government spending. The reality is that Congress has already authorized the spending. Raising the debt ceiling simply allows the U.S. to pay the bills [supply: U.S. Treasury Dept.]. However each time Congress has voted to raise the debt ceiling, it has triggered spirited debates over runaway authorities spending and the ballooning nationwide debt.